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Tennessee Skunk Ape Reports

Search underway for Loose Primate in Campbell County
October 20, 2003 By VINCE LENNON 6 News Reporter JACKSBORO (WATE) -- Animal control officers in Campbell County are searching for a primate, perhaps weighing 400 pounds, that's on the loose. And nearly 100 pets are missing. "I didn't really get a good look at his face because he didn't...
Last Modified 10/24/2003 11:44:11 AM

Is a Skunk Ape Loose in Campbell County?
October 22, 2003 By VINCE LENNON 6 News Reporter CAMPBELL COUNTY (WATE) -- A new theory emerged Wednesday as a crypto-zoologist weighed in on sightings of a possible primate in Campbell County. A Crypto-zoologist, someone who studies uncataloged animals such as skunk apes, accompanied a 6...
Last Modified 10/27/2003 09:23:52 AM

Vet Questions Skunk Ape Theory in Campbell Co.
October 23, 2003 By VINCE LENNON 6 News Reporter CAMPBELL COUNTY (WATE) -- After seeing reports of primate sightings in Campbell County, a Knoxville Zoo veterinary consultant said he doubts the animal is a skunk ape. Dr. Ed Ramsey, who teaches at UT, said Thursday he thinks, "...the skunk...
Last Modified 10/27/2003 09:24:41 AM

UT Biologist Offers Theories on Skunk Ape
October 24, 2003 By TIM MILLER 6 News Reporter KNOXVILLE (WATE) --- A UT biologist will join this weekend's search for answers about what's killing pets in Campbell County. He believes it's probably a common animal, instead of a skunk ape. John Placyk researches animal behaviors and how...
Last Modified 10/28/2003 10:06:01 AM

Samples from Possible Skunk Ape Prove Inconclusive
October 28, 2003 By VINCE LENNON 6 News Reporter CAMPBELL COUNTY (WATE) -- The search for the so-called Campbell County skunk ape continues Tuesday, after a lab reported inconclusive test results. Over the weekend, a team consisting of UT biologist John Placyk, crypto-zoologist Chris...
Last Modified 11/03/2003 09:30:05 AM

Rumors of Skunk Ape Give Businesses a Boost
October 31, 2003 By VINCE LENNON 6 News Reporter CAMPBELL COUNTY (WATE) -- On Halloween, it's time to think about ghosts, goblins and witches. But if you're in Campbell County, it may be time to think about the skunk ape. After investigations by the sheriff's department and a UT...
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Tennessee Skunk Ape Spotted in Corryton, TN
October 31, 2006 By TENNESSEE TRIVIA.COM

Tennessee Skunk ApeThe mysterious Tennessee Skunk Ape (picture on the right) was spotted last night in Corryton, TN. Neighbors reported hearing strange sounds coming from their back yards in the middle of the night, mostly grunting and loud moaning sounds. Many also reported a thick, putrid scent, as windows and doors were quickly bolted shut. One elderly lady upon hearing a commotion behind her house opened her back door to discover the ghastly beast staring straight into her eyes. She was able to snap a picture of the ever-lucid Skunk Ape just before he leapt from her back porch and ran into the woods. Numerous pets and farm animals have also been reported missing.

If the Skunk Ape approaches you, do not make direct eye contact with him, just slowly back away, seek immediate refuge, and call your local Skunk Ape authorities.


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