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Tennessee Culture Quiz
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1 What novelist, born in Trenton won a Pulitzer Prize for his fictional novel "A Summons to Memphis" in 1987? Peter Taylor
2 What novelist, born in Clifton, won a Pulitzer Prize for his fictional novel "The Store" in 1933? T.S. Stribling
3 What award winning novelist got his "roots" while living on a 127 acre farm in Henning as a young boy? Alex Haley
4 Some say Knoxville was the last place that anyone saw this hillbilly singer alive. Hank Williams Sr.
5 What is Tennessee's state flower? Iris
6 What American explorer was said to have been so depressed that he took his own life in Hohenwald, TN in 1809? Meriwether Lewis
7 What is Tennessee's state bird? Mockingbird
8 The TN state flag is made up of what three colors? Red, White, Blue
9 What runs through the state of TN twice? Tennessee River
10 What is Tennessee's nickname? The Volunteer State
11 The TN state flag contains how many stars? Three
12 What do the three stars on the TN state flag represent? Sections of state. East.Middle West.
13 What is Tennessee's state tree? Tulip Poplar
14 Chattanooga is home of what chocolate, graham cracker, marshmallow snack cake? Moonpie
15 What Pulitzer prize winning writer of "Death In the Family" was born in Knoxville in 1909? James Agee
16 What college in Greenville founded in 1794 is the oldest in the state of Tennessee and the 28th oldest in the nation? Tusculum College
17 What is the meaning of the word Tennessee? The Meeting Place
18 What was the first newspaper to be published in Tennessee? Knoxville Gazette (1791)
19 What TN newspaper has the largest circulation in the state? Commercial Appeal (Memphis)
20 What was Tennessee's first radio station? WKN Memphis 1922
21 What type of music was created by blacks along Beale Street in Memphis? Blues Music
22 How many members are in the Tennessee Senate? 33
23 How many members are in the Tennessee House of Representatives? 99
24 How many members does Tennessee have in the U.S. House of Representatives? 9
25 How many Electoral votes does Tennessee have? 11
26 What two time Pulitzer prize winning playwright had his first play produced in Memphis? Tennessee Williams
27 What famous breed of horse known for its distinctively smooth gait is bred largely in middle Tennessee? Tennessee Walking Horse
28 What was the theme of the 1982 Worlds Fair that was held in Knoxville? "Energy turns the world"
29 What was the advertising slogan for the 1982 Worlds Fair that was held in Knoxville? "You've got to be there!"
30 What cartoon character had a pal named Chumley and lived in the Megalopolis Zoo? Tennessee Tuxedo
31 What popular advertisement can be seen painted on the roofs of barns all throughout the state of Tennessee? See Rock City
32 What TN city did Bart Simpson and his friends visit in a stolen car on "The Simpsons"? Knoxville