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Tennessee Celebrity Quiz
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ID Question Answer
1 What female Grammy award winning Motown rhythm-and-blues singer was born in Memphis in 1942? Aretha Franklin
2 What Memphis disc jockey, blues guitarist and singer was known as "The Blues Boy from Beale Street"? B.B. King
3 Born on July 25, 1982, what Knoxville born actor starred in "The Client"? Brad Renfro
4 What TN sheriff did actor Joe Don Baker portray in the 1972 film "Walking Tall"? Buford T. Pusser
5 What world famous guitar player known for his "finger picking" style, was born in Luttrell in 1924? Chet Atkins
6 Name the Memphis born actress who starred on TV's Moonlighting. Cybill Shepherd
7 What Knoxville born actor won a Golden Globe for his performance the 1982 film An Officer and a Gentlemen? David Keith
8 What singer, TV star born in Winchester won 8 Emmy awards between 1954 and 1976? Dinah Shore
9 What Sevier County native sang her way into the Country Music Hall of Fame? Dolly Parton
10 What is the name of the theme park in Sevierville that is named after country singer Dolly Parton? Dollywood
11 Knoxville native David Keith starred with Drew Barrymoore in the 1984 movie adaptation of this Stephen King novel. Firestarter
12 What Tennessee U.S. Senator played a major supporting role in the 1990 film "The Hunt for Red October". Fred Thompson
13 Broadcasting live from Nashville, what is the oldest continuous radio show in the U.S.? Grand Ole Opry
14 What famous country music singer was born in Knoxville in 1968 and was raised in Luttrell, TN? Kenny Chesney
15 What country music entertainer earned his B.S. in Marketing at East TN State University (ETSU)? Kenny Chesney
16 What 1975 Oscar nominated film dealt with the lives of struggling songwriters and singers? Nashville
17 What is actor Johnny Knoxville's real name? P.J. Clapp (Philip John)
18 What Knoxville native won an Oscar for best actress in the 1963 film "Hud". Patricia Neal
19 What Oscar winning screen writer was born on March 27, 1963 in Knoxville? Quentin Tarantino
20 What country music singer born in Maynardville in 1903 lost his bid for state governor 2 times with 2 different parties? Roy Acuff
21 Raised in Chattanooga, this actor was nominated for an Oscar for his role as a Bible quoting hit man. Samuel L. Jackson
22 What female rhythm and blues artist born in Nutbush, TN was inducted into the Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame in 1991? Tina Turner
23 Rhythm and Blues artist and "Private Dancer" Anna Mae Bullock born in Nutbush, TN is better known by what name? Tina Turner
24 What was the name of the theme park in Hendersonville that was operated by country crooner Conway Twitty? Twitty City
25 What is the flagship radio station for the Grand Ole Opry? WSM in Nashville
26 What old "Pea Picker" was born in Bristol on February 12, 1919? Tennessee Ernie Ford
27 What Memphis born actor played a convict in the film "Shawshank Redemption"? Morgan Freeman
28 What Memphis born actor portrayed "Count Vladimir Dracula" in the 1979 film "Love At First Bite"? George Hamilton
29 What controversial "King" of wrestling was born in Memphis on November 29, 1949? Jerry Lawler
30 What Memphis born actress could find no "Misery" with her "Fried Green Tomatoes"? Kathy Bates
31 What Knoxville born actor found himself with "Northern Exposure" in 1992? John Cullum
32 What Knoxvillian started his rise to animal famedom by raising bluegill fish in the family bathtub? Jack Hanna
33 What Knoxville born nurse "survived" her way to being a millionaire in 2001? Tina Wesson
34 What country crooner is better known as "The Tennessee Plowboy"? Eddy Arnold
35 What two Nashville born brothers and Southern Rockers sang their way to fame in the 1970's? Allman Bros.
36 What McEwen born personality hosted the 1983 hit TV program "Nashville Now"? Ralph Emery
37 What Overton Co. resident was known as one of the "Foggy Mountain Boys"? Lester Flatt
38 What Tiptonville born singer didn't want you to step on his blue suede shoes? Carl Perkins
39 What Nashville born singer was the third of his kind? Hank Williams III
40 This Lafayette born singer was married to Kris Kristofferson. Rita Coolidge
41 What McLemoresville born actress was known as a real designing woman? Dixie Carter
42 Greenville was the birthplace of this Television "Empty Nest" star. Park Overall
43 What tagged hat wearing female comedian was born in Centerville on Oct. 25, 1912. Minnie Pearl
44 Born in Nashville, this lovely actress just may have been "Saved By the Bell" Lark Voorhies
45 What "King of Rock-n-Roll" owned a mansion in Memphis called Graceland? Elvis Presley
46 What is Tennessee's official state theatre? Tennessee Theater, Knoxville
47 Where was the 1982 cult horror film classic "Evil Dead" filmed? Morristown, TN
48 What hit television series based on novels by author Katherine Marshall was filmed in Townsend, TN? Christy
49 What 1984 motion picture filmed in Rogersville on the Holston River, starred Mel Gibson and Sissy Spacek? The River
50 What film based on the life of Rock-n-Roller Jerry Lee Lewis and starring Dennis Quaid was filmed in Nashville? Great Balls of Fire
51 What 1960 motion picture dealing with a woman's struggle with TVA and starring Montgomery Clift was filmed in Tennessee? Wild River
52 What 1993 Nashville filmed movie was the last performance of actor River Phoenix The Thing Called Love
53 This acoustic brand of music originated in Bristol, TN not in Kentucky. Bluegrass
54 What city is the "birthplace of country music"? Bristol
55 This Memphis recording studio owned by Sam Phillips was where Elvis Presley recorded his first songs. Sun Records
56 In 1977 who was the lead singer of the country, rock band called Gypsy Fever? Dolly Parton
57 Who "Thumbed my way from L.A. back to Knoxville"? Ronnie Millsap (Smoky Mt. Rain)
58 Who sang the 1980's hit country song "Tennessee River"? Alabama
59 What 1988 song by Steve Earl told about a moonshining family in East, TN? Copperhead Road
60 What group sang the 1996 top 40 pop song "Tennessee"? Arrested Development
61 Mt. Juliet, TN is the home of what famous rocking country fiddler? Charlie Daniels
62 What 6 foot 5 Hee Haw regular along with his wife, was murdered in 1973 by burglars in their Nashville home? Dave Akeman (String Bean)
63 What lame parody to the Indian Jones movies starred Knoxville's David Keith? Tennessee Buck
64 What Bulls Gap native portrayed a doctor with a nurse named "Goodbody" on Hee Haw? Archie Campbell