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1 The Hermitage in Nashville was the home of what former U.S. President? Andrew Jackson
2 What Nashville State park contains the largest red-cedar forest in the Eastern United States? Cedars of Lebanon State Park
3 Where was America's very first miniature golf course built at? Chattanooga, Tom Thumb in 1929
4 What Grammy winning singer/ songwriter/ actress was born in Locust Ridge near Sevierville? Dolly Parton
5 How was Reelfoot lake in West TN formed? Earthquake
6 How many dams are operated by the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA)? Fifty
7 What famous institute of higher learning is located in Nashville, was founded in 1866 by prohibitionist Clinton Bowen Fisk? Fisk University
8 Nashville is the home to what famous college for teachers named after an American business leader and philanthropist? George Peabody College
9 What national park in Tennessee is the largest park in the United States? Great Smoky Mountain Nat. Park
10 What does Shelby Co. TN have more of per capita than any other county in the United States? Horses
11 East TN State University (ETSU) is located in what city? Johnson City
12 What is Tennessee's eastern most county? Johnson County
13 What is the largest city that is on the Mississippi River? Memphis, TN
14 Tennessee's state capital Nashville, is also known by what nickname? Music City USA
15 What is Tennessee's state capital? Nashville
16 How many counties are there in Tennessee? ninety five
17 What automotive manufacturing plant in Murfreesboro boast of being the largest under one roof? Nissan Motor Manufacturing Co.
18 Where was the largest series of earthquakes in United States history? Obion Co. TN (1811-1812)
19 Where is America's highest underground waterfall that is open to the public? Ruby Falls Chattanooga, TN
20 What automotive manufacturing plant makes its home in Spring Hill? Saturn
21 Dayton was the location for what famous trial in 1925? Scopes-Monkey Trial
22 Where is the reputed "Turtle Capital of the World"? Reelfoot Lake
23 Tennessee is documented to have more than 3800 of these. Caves
24 Where is the first state-owned historic site devoted to African Americans in Tennessee? Henning, Alex Haley's home
25 What river in Polk Co. was used during the 1996 winter Olympics? Ocoee River
26 Where is the oldest nuclear graphite reactor in the world located? Oak Ridge, TN
27 At 6,643 ft., what is the highest point in Tennessee and is the second highest point in the Eastern United States? Clingmans Dome
28 What is the oldest train depot still standing in TN? Niota Railroad Depot
29 This Civil War cemetery is one of the largest privately owned cemeteries in the United States. Bethel Civil War Cemetery , Knoxville
30 According to Guinness Book of World Records, what underground lake in Sweetwater is the largest in the United States? The Lost Sea
31 What Tennessee county has the highest population with 897,472 residents (2000 census)? Shelby Co.
32 This White Bluff, TN site is the oldest known full-size water diversion tunnel in the United States. Montgomery Bell
33 The Old Presbyterian Church in Nashville is the only full Egyptian temple in the U.S. what is it affectionately known as? "Karnak on the Cumberland"
34 According to the 2000 U.S. Census, what is the population of Tennessee? 5,687,283
35 According to the 2000 U.S. Census, how many female residents of TN are over 110 years of age? 27
36 According to the 2000 U.S. Census, how many male TN residents are over 110 years of age? 24
37 What Tennessee city is known as the "Athens of the South"? Nashville
38 Where in Tennessee is the nations largest indoor statue of the Greek Goddess Athena located? Parthenon in Nashville
39 Built in 1992, what city has the nations first predominately freshwater aquarium? Chattanooga
40 What are the three poisonous snakes found in Tennessee? Copper Head, Cotton Mouth, Timber Rattler
41 How many states border the state of Tennessee? Eight
42 Tennessee is second behind Alaska as the largest producer of what mineral? Zinc
43 Partly located in East, TN what is the largest Historical park in the United States? Cumberland Gap National Historical Park
44 In April of 1862, over 20,000 men died in this Civil War battle at Pittsburgh Landing, TN. Battle of Shiloh
45 Where can you find a 256 ft. water fall in east-central Tennessee? Fall Creek Falls State Park
46 What is the largest State Park in Tennessee? Natchez Trace State Park
47 What 501 mile parkway extends from Nashville all the way to Mississippi? Natchez Trace Parkway
48 Started in 1956, what is the oldest festival held in Tennessee? Ramp Festival in Cosby, TN
49 Where is the worlds largest artificial skiing surface? Ober Gatlinburg (5 acres)
50 What two states border Tennessee's northwestern corner? Missouri and Kentucky
51 What is the oldest and largest military park in the United States? Chickamauga-Chattanooga
52 Where was the first major Union victory fought in the Civil War? Fort Donelson (1862)
53 Where can you find a reconstruction of the first English-built structure in Tennessee? Fort Loudon State Park, Vonore
54 What is the oldest registered distillery in the United States? Jack Daniel's Distillery Est.1866
55 Where can you find a 100-yard tunnel, chiseled through solid rock? Narrows of the Harpeth State Park
56 At 72 ft. high, where is the second largest Indian mound in the United States? Pinsson Mounds State Park
57 What structure contains the remains of noted architect William Strickland entombed in the wall? Tennessee State Capitol, Nashville
58 Where can you find the remains of the largest cypress tree in the U.S.? Big Cypress Tree State Natural Area
59 At 118 ft. tall, where can you find the third largest pecan tree in the world? Natchez Trace State Park
60 Containing 32.5 miles of explored passages, where is the fourth largest cave in the U.S.? Cumberland Caverns, McMinnville