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Tennessee Leaders & Politicians

  1. Albert Gore Sr.- Born December 26, 1907 in Granville, TN. Died December 5, 1998. Tennessee State Representative and Senator, served in the Democratic senate from 1953-1971.

  2. Albert Gore Jr.- Born March 31, 1948 in Washington, D.C. Raised in Carthage, TN. US Senator 1985-1993, Was 45th Vice President of United States in the Bill Clinton administration 1993-2001. 

  3. Alvin C. York- World War I hero born in Pall Mall in 1887.

  4. Andrew Jackson- Born: March 15, 1767 in Waxhaw, South Carolina. Moved to Tennessee as a young man and became a lawyer. Was the 7th US president, serving two terms from 1829 to 1837. Nicknamed "Old Hickory" due to his rough and tough behavior. Andrew Jackson died on June 8th, 1845 in Nashville, TN at his home the "Hermitage."

  5. Andrew Johnson- Born: December 29, 1808 in Raleigh, North Carolina. Ran away from home with his brother to Greeneville, TN at age 16 where he became a tailor. He became the 17th President of the United States on April 15, 1865, upon the death of Lincoln. Andrew Johnson died on July 31st, 1875 in Carter's Station, TN.

  6. Benjamin Lawson Hooks- Born January 31, 1925 in Memphis, TN. American Civil rights leader, Baptist minister, and attorney. Former executive director of the NAACP. 

  7. Bill Frist- Born February 22, 1952, in Nashville, TN. Republican U.S. Senate Majority leader from TN graduated from Princeton and Harvard was a heart surgeon for 17 years.

  8. Cordell Hull- Born October 2nd, 1871 in Olympus, TN. Died July 23, 1955. US Senator from 1931-1933. Appointed Secretary of State 1933, in the cabinet of Franklin D. Roosevelt, where he served until 1944. Won Nobel Peace Prize in 1945. 

  9. David "Davy" Crockett- "King of the wild frontier", Pioneer, Patriot, Soldier, Trapper, Explorer, State Legislator, Congressman, Martyr.

  10. Estes Kefauver- Born in Madisonville, TN, July 26, 1903. Democrat that served in the US House of Representatives for 10 years and in the US Senate for 14 years. Well known for his fight against organized crime, was the author of the famous "Kafauver Report" which listed the names of high-profile crime bosses and members of the Mafia. Ran for office of US Vice President for Adlai Stevenson in 1956.  Died August 10th, 1963 after suffering a massive heart attack on the floor of the US Senate.

  11. Fred Thompson- Born August 19, 1943 in Sheffield, AL, moved to Lawrenceburg, TN as a child. Former U.S. Senator (1994-2003), also movie actor known for his roles in the movies "Hunt for Red October," "Days of Thunder," "Die Hard 2," and currently starring in televisions Law & Order..

  12. Hattie Caraway- Born in TN in 1878 became the first woman U.S. Senator in 1931 after her husband, Arkansas Senator Thaddeus Horatius Caraway suddenly passed away. 

  13. Howard Baker Sr.- Born in Sommerset, KY in 1902. Moved to Knoxville, TN in 1918. Was US Congressman representing the second district in Congress from his election in 1950 until his unexpected death by heart attack on January 8, 1964

  14. Howard Baker Jr.- Born November 15, 1925 in Huntsville, TN. Was US Senator from 1967-1985. Is currently US Ambassador to Japan.

  15. James K. Polk- Born: November 2, 1795 in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina. Moved to Nashville, TN with his family when he was 11 years old. In 1845 at age 49, he became the youngest man to assume the presidency up to his time. He was the 11th US President and only served one term. Polk died on June 15th, 1849 at home in Nashville, just 3 months after leaving office.

  16. John Bell- Born in Nashville, TN 1797. Served in US House of Representatives, was appointed Secretary of War in 1841. Elected US Senator for TN in 1847. 

  17. John Sevier- Born near Harrisonburg, Rockingham County, Va., September 23, 1745, died September 24, 1815. First Governor of Tennessee. Pioneer, Statesman, and one of the founders of the republic, Governor of the state of Franklin, six times Governor of Tennessee, four times elected to Congress.

  18. John Duncan- Congressman from Tennessee from 1965-1988, born in Huntsville, TN. 

  19. John "Jimmy" Duncan Jr- Congressman from Tennessee, son of the late Representative John Duncan, elected to take over the position after his father's untimely death. 

  20. Lamar Alexander- Born July 3, 1940, Maryville, TN. Was governor, university president, and U.S. secretary of education.

  21. Sam Houston- Born in Rockbridge Co.,VA, March 2nd, 1793. Moved to Maryville, TN with his family at age 14. Spent some time with the Cherokee Indians on Hiawassee Island and was adopted by the Cherokee nation. Was a school teacher in Maryville for 6 months, then joined the US Army to fight in the War of 1812. Opened a legal practice in Nashville and was made attorney general. Was a US congressman for 4 years and governor of TN for one year. Later moved to Texas and became governor of TX in 1859. Is the only person in US history to be governor of two different states. Died July 26, 1863.

  22. William Blount- Born near Windsor, Bertie County, N.C., March 26, 1749. First US Senator representing the state of Tennessee. Delegate to the convention that framed the Federal Constitution in 1787. Named the city of Knoxville in honor of President Washington's War Secretary, Henry Knox. Died in Knoxville, Tenn., March 21, 1800.

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